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This is a set of python-fu templates.

Version: 3.1 changed january 13 2009, author: Raymond Ostertag, License : GNU/GPL

Languages: english and french

Type: Python-fu for Gimp-2, tested with Gimp-2.6.4 under Linux

Installation :  Download 7zip: Python-fu-Template.7z or tar.gz: Python-fu-Template.tar.gz archive. Each archive contain 4 Python-fu. They must be copied in the user directory at .gimp-2.6/plug-ins. Under Linux and Mac they must be executables.

Translation :  To generate a gettext .pot translation file use the command line xgettext -L Python -o gimp20-template.pot Then give it to translators are translate it yourself. The translations must be installed in the directory given by the Python variable gimp.locale_directory.

Template parameters

Show a dialog with all the types of Python-fu parameters. Menu : File / Create / Python-Fu

Template create

A short python-fu example. It create its own image and add two layers inside. Menu : File / Create / Python-Fu

Template image

A short python-fu example. It start from an existing image and add two layers to it. Menu : Layers

Template batch

A basic framework to do a batch work in a directory. The files are choosen by extension thanks to Python Glob function. Fileresize is a more complete Python-fu resizing images including XCF GIMP files. Menu : File / Create / Python-Fu